1-2-1 coaching...

Coaching provides a space for you to look at what you want to change and how you can improve your life.  I act as a guide and support as you reflect, explore and find your own solutions. I can help you to make realistic plans and support your steps towards your goal by removing limiting beliefs that might hold you back. With my support and feedback you can stay focused, keep up the impetus and achieve your goal.

This is ongoing support when you need it.  The 1 hour sessions can be held as and when you face changes, life’s just too stressful or you want to reach a new goal or meet a challenge.  The structured sessions are arranged to suit you and are unbiased, non-judgemental and best of all, can be held over the phone, at my private offices in Huddersfield or at venue of your choice. 

Just imagine if you had someone on hand to help you sort out your life?  Someone friendly and professional to listen to your problems, help you to be clear about what you want, work with you to dispel your worries and limiting beliefs and support you as you learn to do things differently?

1 hour 1-2-1 session (face to face or via the phone) - £45


If you want support to manage your daily life differently and want to return your relationship with food to an ordinary source of pleasure but prefer to work with other people?  Would working in a fun, supportive environment help you get a more balanced life? Our weight loss and Understanding Your Eating groups are facilitated group sessions to work through the stresses of modern day life.

a little bit of... feedback

"I would like to say thank you for the recent and on-going personal development coaching.  You always ask the right questions and make me think.  I find the sessions beneficial on both a personal and professional level." 

Greg Smuk, Technical Director