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Joanne Neville

Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outdoors, nature, food & exercise #change #lifestyle #goodlife

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  • How to have a healthy holiday

    How to have a healthy holiday? Holidays are fun, relaxing, exciting and for most of my clients are a time to unwind, take time out and stop thinking about work, home, but more importantly for them they stop thinking about healthy eating and exercise.  Yes, it’s the time of year when you want to indulge a little, have a few drinks, try a few desser ...
  • Getting up early adds spice to life

    After a month of making changes to my day, I’m still working on getting up easily at 5am. Tuesday through to Friday I think the new habit is starting to stick, but weekends and Monday’s are not so easy.  Late nights and socialising mean a later bed time and now the football World Cup has started I’m trying to combine more early mornings and late ni ...
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  • Creating new habits and breaking old ones

    I’ve decided that my habit of pressing the snooze button has to go and I’m replacing it with a habit of getting up at 5am to join the club of apparently happy, healthy and highly successful people who rise at this unearthly hour.   As a coach I know creating new habits and sustaining the change can be a big problem for any client wanting to live ...
  • Can getting up early change your life?

    I've completed my first week of my challenge to be up earlier - 6:30am in my case. I'm aiming to join the super club of successful people who get up before the frenzy of the working day starts. The promise of being more resourceful, healthier, richer, amongst other things encouraged me to ditch my usual alarm call and make a real lifestyle change. ...
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  • Up with the lark!

    Up with the lark...or was I? You’ll have noted I already ducked out of the 5am start and went for 6:30am.  You’ve failed already!’ I hear you shout. However as any coach worth their salt says, start with a realistic goal and work towards your ultimate desire – which for me is 6am. I started off at 7:30, then 7:15, 7:00 and so on. I knew that 5am ...
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