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Can getting up early change your life?

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 in Wellbeing

I've completed my first week of my challenge to be up earlier - 6:30am in my case. I'm aiming to join the super club of successful people who get up before the frenzy of the working day starts. 

The promise of being more resourceful, healthier, richer, amongst other things encouraged me to ditch my usual alarm call and make a real lifestyle change. But I have to say the shine soon wore off! Initially I got up fairly easily, enthusiastic to see how things changed, I used the spare time to meditate, exercise, catch up on blogs and social media. I felt ok, not too tired when I finished work at 8:30/9:00, and going to bed earlier too. But by Friday my snooze button was tempting me again! 

So why was my enthusiasm waining? 
1. Old habits die hard - I'm trying to break a cycle that I've been following in a morning for years. The new pattern of thinking and then acting needs time to bed in. 

2. Focus - In the first few days I remember why I'm doing this, the benefits, the positive results I'll get, but as time goes on I loose focus, day to day life becomes more important, I don't see the results I want, or forget why I'm doing this, 

3. Listening to others - As some friends said it was a great idea to make this lifestyle change, others questioned what I was doing and explained why their way was better. So, I start to question what I'm doing. 

4. Reflection - what was good, not so good, and down right rubbish about these early mornings? 

Good - felt less pressure during the day as I knew my plan for each day, I made a start on my to do list before I went to the gym, I felt more relaxed. 

Not so good - I felt more tired when I got home from work and struggled to make healthy food choices which was a real worry for me. 

Rubbish - My sleep patterns we're all over the place, with me waking at least 5/6 times in the night and struggling to go back to sleep, so by Monday of week two I was tired (despite being in bed before midnight all weekend!) 

Easy to say to myself 'I can't so this','why bother', or 'it's not for me.' But I haven't given up I've used the positives to try again for another week!! 

To discover more about the secrets of getting up early, take a look at sleeping guru and leadership expert Robert Sharma's video!


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