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Is the world ignoring something when it comes to soaring diabetes rates?

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Thursday, 14 November 2013 in Wellbeing

With rates of Diabetes soaring across the world, World Diabetes Day is needed to help raise awareness.  Whilst the UK isn’t up there with China (92.3 million people) or the USA (over 26 million people) having diabetes, it’s estimated that by 2025, 5 million of us Brits will have the disease. 

It isn’t only the larger economies that are seeing problems with diabetes, countries such as Saudi Arabia and others in southern Asia are also seeing increasing levels.  Some of the increase could be genetic, but could the spread East of Western ways of life be to blame?  These countries are seeing higher fast food outlets, cheaper food and ready meals plus lower manual labour and more electronic gadgets, so could these social changes be having an effect too?

Figures from Diabetes.org.uk say that 471 million USD were spent in 2012 on diabetes across the world and the NHS spends approx £1 million per hour.  Diabetes type 2 can be prevented and improved by a change in lifestyle and obesity is a contributing factor to the rocketing figures.   Lots of information is available to tell you what to eat and do to help with diabetes, yet there seems a huge gap in providing help in implementing the changes needed and even less when it comes to long term support to prevent lapse and regression back to old habits.

So I believe governments and medics need to look to health professionals such as counsellors, coaches and others to add to the support available

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Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outdoors, nature, food & exercise #change #lifestyle #goodlife


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