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Up with the lark!

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
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on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 in Wellbeing

Up with the lark...or was I?

You’ll have noted I already ducked out of the 5am start and went for 6:30am.  You’ve failed already!’ I hear you shout. However as any coach worth their salt says, start with a realistic goal and work towards your ultimate desire – which for me is 6am. I started off at 7:30, then 7:15, 7:00 and so on.

I knew that 5am was a step too far for me to begin with and if I’d set that as my first goal I would probably have given up on day one.

So 6:30am and the alarm goes off.

No struggle to get up today! But now what to do with these spare hours I’ve created? I’ve already planned a few things in that I often tell myself I’ve no time for, reading facebook, checking out industry news, reading all those e-newsletters I’ve signed up for. So at 6:35 I was on with action one and I was dressed and had had breakfast by 7:15.  Time then to watch the news with my coffee and research a topic about ‘sleeping’ talked about by the BBC Breakfast team and how important it is we get enough etc.  Not the best news on the day I’m scared of not having enough! 

By 9am I’ve read my emails, checked my business facebook pages and am ready to go to the gym feeling very satisfied and chuffed with myself.  I’m already more productive and I’ve had breakfast.  To be honest neither of these things had been regular events in previous weeks, so it’s a start. I'm surprised at how awake and well I feel!  So how will I feel about 2pm today when I’ve arrived at the office and started work (my hours at the office today are 1pm – 9pm)?

sleeping dog

2pm Siesta? I can have an afternoon snooze with the best of them, so I was expecting to want to go to sleep, but it didn’t happen.  I'm feeling quite chilled, still focused and not at all rushed like I usually am.  Could this lifestyle change be that easy?

We’ll see how I’m feeling in a day or two and also if I’m having to go to bed earlier...



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