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So, I ate a few chips...not the whole bowl!

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Wednesday, 13 February 2013
in Client Stories

Week 4

I’m abstinent - but lapsed on Tuesday when confronted by a bowl of chips at the pub quiz - yes in the pub and no alcohol but chips are another thing altogether!

I get the whole Cognitive Behaviour Therapy stuff and know that my thoughts (or voices in my head) mean I eat when I don’t want to, but capturing the moment when ‘sensible’ voice is drowned out by ‘not sensible’ voice is an art form, but I’ll save that for another blog!!

So, I ate a few chips (not the whole bowl)! The world didn’t end.  What I chose to do now is what matters. I could have called myself all the names under the sun and made myself feel wretched and a failure. In such a negative mood, I would have started telling myself ‘I can’t do this’ and stuffed even more food in my face as a comfort. Instead, I listened to ‘sensible’ voice, and told myself ‘a few chips is a few extra calories to burn off but sticking with the Programme is a far better choice than being miserable long term because I’m heavier than I want to be.’

Abstinence is a state of mind; I’m not hungry and I know the LighterLife foodpacks give me all the nutrition I need and very few of those nasty calorie thingies!

Happy to report that the crème egg is still in my handbag ……….. J

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