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Food and Mood Diaries

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
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on Monday, 28 October 2013
in Wellbeing

Why use a food and mood diary...

Raises your awareness of what you actually eat

Allows you to reflect on how food makes you feel physically and mentally

Shows patterns in what and when you eat

Explores how you felt before and after eating

Allows you to calorie count easier

Helps identify meals and snacks more easily

Helps recognise the difference between physical and emotional hunger

Help you recognise when you are full or have eaten too much

Explores the idea that physical exercise can affect your mood

Identifies where you were and who you were with when eating and any impact it had on choices you made


Food and Mood diaries can be in paper format, set out in a table or a mind map, or you can use a spreadsheet on your computer or app for your smart phone or tablet.  Take a look at this example and check out what’s available on line and choose something suitable to how you work best.

Your Food and Mood diary

Your diary should include:

·         What you ate – the exact food and how much will be useful

·         When – be specific with the time and date

·         How was I feeling before hand – both physically and emotionally. Did you feel tired, fed up, lonely or bored

·         Have I exercised or been active today – what did I do

·         Also think about whether you’ve eaten this way a little, sometimes or a lot in the past and if you can remember when you might have started to do it.

The diary will give you insight and fact into what and how you are eating.  You can then look at putting solutions into place as to how you might change.


My Understanding Your Eating course can help with gaining a better insight into your relationship with food. 

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