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How to have a healthy holiday

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Tuesday, 01 July 2014
in Wellbeing

How to have a healthy holiday?

Holidays are fun, relaxing, exciting and for most of my clients are a time to unwind, take time out and stop thinking about work, home, but more importantly for them they stop thinking about healthy eating and exercise.  Yes, it’s the time of year when you want to indulge a little, have a few drinks, try a few desserts and forget the scales.  But for many this mind set can mean a whole heap of trouble when it’s time to go home.  The holiday blues come with weight gain, no routine and lower fitness levels.  So, how before you jet off this year could you plan to beat the holiday bulge?

First change how you see your holiday.  It is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, but that shouldn’t mean going mad at the buffet or the bar.  Think about healthier options most of the day with have a little of what you fancy now and again. Jillian Michaels’ from the TV show ‘Biggest Loser’ has some inspiration on her website.  Secondly, if you’ve lost weight and are exercising before you go away, you need to think that healthy eating and exercise are part of your life – all the time.  People who maintain their weight don’t see being sensible on holiday, whilst still enjoying the odd treat, as a problem.  They see it as part of who they are and what they do. The story or conversation they have in their head is ‘I can have a few more drinks and will choose lower calorie one’s’ , ‘There isn’t a gym but swimming or playing with the kids is fun so I’ll make that my exercise, or I could do a few lengths of the pool each day or take a long walk’ or ‘it’s nice to eat out and not have to cook, but I’ll keep the portions small and just taste some of my favourite puddings’.


So plan ahead, think about how you can exercise and be active, enjoy your treats and favourite things without pilling on the pounds and relish all the other things there are to enjoy about a trip away…

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Can getting up early improve your health and wellbeing?

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Wednesday, 14 May 2014
in Wellbeing

angry women with alarm clock

5am and rising...would getting up at this hour of the day make a difference to my wellbeing?

I’ve often wondered how some people jump out of bed at the crack of dawn feeling refreshed and ready to get on with the day. Frankly, I don’t feel that way very often.  And I know that could be down to all manner of things, too much coffee or wine, a sleepless night, eating late, that my body clock is wrong, that I work late evenings with clients...

So after a number of my friends reminded me how they were up at 5am and feeling good and telling me I was more likely to:

Eat breakfast & exercise more readily

Feel more optimistic, positive, calmer and relaxed

Be purposeful and productive

And be more successful in my life

I thought, I’ve got to at least give this a try! But first I had to get over my nagging doubts and excuses that ‘I couldn’t do it, that it wasn’t for me, that those that did get up at 5 were mad!’

My barriers to this crazy idea were:

I work late and don’t get home until after 9 a few nights a week

I like my social life at weekends, so how will it work then - what about my nights out?

I’ll be really really tired (getting the right amount of sleep & quality – BBC news 13/5/14)

But the more I looked into it, the more I found research and reports that the benefits to being up with the lark were true. I read ‘The Ultimate Guide To Waking Up Early – How to start your day at the crack of dawn and transform your life by Gordon Sharp (Real Cool. Media)’ which was a great little E-book and also looked at some of the successful people past and present who attributed their success to an early morning start.

So now how was I going to do it- time for action!  5am may be a step too far to start, but how about 6:30am?

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Lose weight by understanding why you eat not just what you eat

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Monday, 28 October 2013
in Wellbeing

Trying to get pregnant, avoid/reverse diabetes, reduce the risk of heart disease and you're usually told to lose weight.

Even though you know it makes sense and you being told by everyone, getting into shape can be so difficult.  Even for those couples struggling to conceive the prospect of a baby sometimes doesn't unlock the key to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. So why is it so difficult?

First, we live in a society where food is available 24/7 and it’s literally as cheap as chips! 

Secondly, If you are overweight it’s likely you have a difficult relationship with food and haven't been eating well for some time, so all the willpower in the world might just not be enough.  

By understanding WHY we eat rather than just focusing on what we eat could lead to long term change.  

·         Keep a food and mood, be clear on what you’ve eaten and what might lead to your choices  Seeing your thoughts on paper can help gain better perspective on things.  

·       Are you really hungry? Ask yourself, what is the food for, what is the food going to do?  It might give you instant gratification but is likely to leave you feeling guilty and upset as you’ve just done what you’ve told yourself not to.  The feeling that caused you to raid the fridge will still be there!

·         In our society these days it seems we can’t meet friends and family without food and drink being involved and this could be where you’re eating and nourishment is going of track.  Think about doing  other things where the focus isn't just eating and drinking. Go to the cinema, meeting for a walk try walking for health for some inspiration and get fit too. Or visiting a gallery or place of interest in your area.  You could plan to meet outside meal times or suggest you will eat at home before meeting at a friends’ house.  

·         Stop eating to relieve boredom.  Lots of my clients complain of eating when they are bored, so list down all the things you say you never have time for – writing to a friend, planning a holiday or trip, pampering yourself, calling your friend, reading a book, listening to music or do a puzzle.  Any time you feel bored or vulnerable to eating pick something from the list to do instead. 

To crack the weight issues our society has we need to look at not just what we are eating but why we are eating as a double pronged approach.

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Top Tips To Start Exercising

Posted by Super User
Super User
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on Wednesday, 26 June 2013
in Motivation & Goal Setting


Top Tips to Start Exercising from

 Liesl Millar – Personal Trainer & Owner of JEM Fitness 

Find something you think you will enjoy, from dancing to gardening, table tennis to Pilates, if you feel you have to do it, then you are already creating a barrier and probably won't start.

·       Don’t join a gym (well not until you have at least been exercising regularly for 6 months, otherwise you are likely to waste your money as you are likely to stop going after a few weeks)

·         Pick exercises that kill two birds with one stone e.g.

o   Walk to the local shop instead of driving

o   Walk or jog to work (to avoid being a social outcast at work – ensure there are shower facilities at work) 

o   For mums – take your baby for a walk in the pushchair and walk at a brisk pace

o   At work – walk up the stairs, don’t take the lift

·    Get a friend to join you.  Exercising with a friend, also works well as you have a sort of commitment not only to yourself but your friend, because if you don’t exercise you are also letting them down. 

·    Get changed ready for exercise, even if you decide you are not going to exercise.  This works a treat for me, if I have decided I am not going to exercise (usually because I feel tired from work); I get changed anyway into my running gear.  After about 10 minutes I usually just go and do what I had originally planned to do, as I get in the mood for exercise. 



Mob - 07771 870387 | Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web - www.jemfitness.co.uk

FB - www.facebook.com/JEMFitness

Twitter - http://twitter.com/JEMFitnessPT



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Just eat less and exercise more! If only it were that simple.

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Tuesday, 25 June 2013
in Motivation & Goal Setting

‘Just eat well and exercise more!’ This seems to be standard response from lots of health professionals, the media, your slim friends and not so slim friends if you say you want to lose weight.

So what stops some overweight people exercising?  My clients and members of my gym who’ve recently lost over a stone or more, told me what stopped them in the past?

Body Confidence – overweight people often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and frustrated in everyday clothes just going about their daily routine and going somewhere new can be a challenge at anytime.  Imagine their fear of stepping into a gym or new Zumba class, it is often a step too far.

Where do I start? – overwhelmed and inundated with information, many people who don’t exercise simply don’t know where to start and what to do for the easiest route into exercise.

Exercise hurts! – Many of my clients are already suffering some pain because of their extra weight so the thought of more pain doing exercise is an instant barrier.

Low return – It takes a lot of very hard work over a period of weeks if not months to see a change in weight or body shape just by exercising if you are overweight.  Motivation can soon dwindle if results aren’t quick.

The Media – Pictures of young, slim, fit, beautiful people and words like, Body Attack, crunches, pumping and high impact create images of a place where the overweight just won’t feel at home or fit in.

And finally, those mirrors! – One lady said on her first adventure into a class she was confronted with the, not so positive refection of herself stood beside a slim gym junkie, which did nothing for her confidence or motivation to return.


So next time you are thinking of saying you just need to eat less and exercise more to your friend, stop and think!  

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I'm not stressed, I'm just busy!

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Thursday, 24 January 2013
in Wellbeing

It seems to me these days that many of us think unless we squeeze just one more thing into our day then we frankly aren’t trying hard enough!
An article the other day suggested a 1/2 hour work out for your lunch hour.  It involved a walk to the gym (just to squeeze in a little extra fat burning) a complex number of exercises and then a walk back to work.  At no point did they tell me when to eat lunch even though it was my 'lunch hour'.  How dare I think about stopping to eat and resting for one whole hour! There just isn’t the time, is there?

As we squeeze more in and time is so precious our heads are buzzing with ‘noise’ – things to do, places to be, TV/radio noise, chatter, email, social media – when does it stop?  For most of my clients it seems it doesn’t and the result is them finding very little time to stop and do absolutely nothing, be totally quiet and give your mind and body a rest.

The opportunity to be still and mindful is proven to help keep stress at bay and improve our feeling of wellbeing. So as I’m all for that I started meditating regularly recently and whilst I’m not some calm, chilled version of my former self, I’m definitely able to unwind & have stopped clock watching quite so much. 

For a quick burst of free meditation help and for 10 minutes a day, try www.getsomeheadspace.com

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