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Lose weight by understanding why you eat not just what you eat

Posted by Joanne Neville
Joanne Neville
Energetic lifestyle coach specialising in weight related issues, loving the outd
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on Monday, 28 October 2013
in Wellbeing

Trying to get pregnant, avoid/reverse diabetes, reduce the risk of heart disease and you're usually told to lose weight.

Even though you know it makes sense and you being told by everyone, getting into shape can be so difficult.  Even for those couples struggling to conceive the prospect of a baby sometimes doesn't unlock the key to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. So why is it so difficult?

First, we live in a society where food is available 24/7 and it’s literally as cheap as chips! 

Secondly, If you are overweight it’s likely you have a difficult relationship with food and haven't been eating well for some time, so all the willpower in the world might just not be enough.  

By understanding WHY we eat rather than just focusing on what we eat could lead to long term change.  

·         Keep a food and mood, be clear on what you’ve eaten and what might lead to your choices  Seeing your thoughts on paper can help gain better perspective on things.  

·       Are you really hungry? Ask yourself, what is the food for, what is the food going to do?  It might give you instant gratification but is likely to leave you feeling guilty and upset as you’ve just done what you’ve told yourself not to.  The feeling that caused you to raid the fridge will still be there!

·         In our society these days it seems we can’t meet friends and family without food and drink being involved and this could be where you’re eating and nourishment is going of track.  Think about doing  other things where the focus isn't just eating and drinking. Go to the cinema, meeting for a walk try walking for health for some inspiration and get fit too. Or visiting a gallery or place of interest in your area.  You could plan to meet outside meal times or suggest you will eat at home before meeting at a friends’ house.  

·         Stop eating to relieve boredom.  Lots of my clients complain of eating when they are bored, so list down all the things you say you never have time for – writing to a friend, planning a holiday or trip, pampering yourself, calling your friend, reading a book, listening to music or do a puzzle.  Any time you feel bored or vulnerable to eating pick something from the list to do instead. 

To crack the weight issues our society has we need to look at not just what we are eating but why we are eating as a double pronged approach.

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