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Top Tips To Start Exercising

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on Wednesday, 26 June 2013
in Motivation & Goal Setting


Top Tips to Start Exercising from

 Liesl Millar – Personal Trainer & Owner of JEM Fitness 

Find something you think you will enjoy, from dancing to gardening, table tennis to Pilates, if you feel you have to do it, then you are already creating a barrier and probably won't start.

·       Don’t join a gym (well not until you have at least been exercising regularly for 6 months, otherwise you are likely to waste your money as you are likely to stop going after a few weeks)

·         Pick exercises that kill two birds with one stone e.g.

o   Walk to the local shop instead of driving

o   Walk or jog to work (to avoid being a social outcast at work – ensure there are shower facilities at work) 

o   For mums – take your baby for a walk in the pushchair and walk at a brisk pace

o   At work – walk up the stairs, don’t take the lift

·    Get a friend to join you.  Exercising with a friend, also works well as you have a sort of commitment not only to yourself but your friend, because if you don’t exercise you are also letting them down. 

·    Get changed ready for exercise, even if you decide you are not going to exercise.  This works a treat for me, if I have decided I am not going to exercise (usually because I feel tired from work); I get changed anyway into my running gear.  After about 10 minutes I usually just go and do what I had originally planned to do, as I get in the mood for exercise. 



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